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Newsletter GreenDreamCompany Winter 2015

Newsletter GreenDreamCompany Winter 2015

GreenDreamCompany is looking for parties willing to participate straight into tourism infrastructure, in upcoming markets, so without a tender procedure nor any other competition. Join us on our journey and read all about our business model, projects and possibilities for you as a partner and/or investor.

At GreenDreamCompany we embrace a new way of doing business.
As a project partner you invest in what you can do the best and get results on many levels.
We consider ourselves to be 'impact entrepreneurs' and offer a unique formula in project management and program development. We will reach attractive short and long term financial returns and our social impact is huge.


Developing world class tourism destinations
Together with our partners we develop world class tourism destinations in emerging markets in Africa by building high quality holiday resorts and theme parks. Our approach is innovative and attractive, based on local cultural heritage and always aiming at the highest comfort standards.
To finance the projects we have established Ubuntu Impact Investments (www.ubuntu-impact-investments.com); a fund with the aim to finance commercial, humanitarian, charitable and non profit (public interest) projects that promote economic growth and long term employment.



Why should you join?
Have a part in developing the Solomon´s Hidden Treasures brand. A chain of high quality holiday resorts (family villages) and theme parks, according to the principles of the 5 P's: People, Planet, Profit, Passion & Pleasure. We are currently developing these projects on beautiful and exclusive locations in Rwanda and Ethiopia. Several other countries will follow soon.

As a partner you are welcome to join us in the field of

  • Building environment (family villages, infrastructure and theme parks)
  • Water related facilities (marina’s and boats)
  • Business and people development
  • Sustainability and creation of value chain


About Solomon´s Hidden Treasures

King Solomon travelled all over Africa to form political alliances, marry foreign princesses and visit his goldmines...or so the story goes.  Today, GreenDreamCompany puts a spotlight on Solomon's African travel destinations by introducing a unique formula in tourist destination development.

Our first projects are located in Ethiopia and Rwanda, two countries rich in cultural and natural heritage and both equally fascinating as they are beautiful.
We are developing a tourism infrastructure for the mid- and upper market with a chain of high quality holiday resorts (family villages) and theme parks. We are aiming to develop at least 10 locations in Rwanda and Ethiopia before the end of 2020. Linked to each other by transport, in quality, in marketing and overall management, ensuring safety for everybody on every level.



Fieldtrip to Rwanda 14-18 December 2015
Are you ready to join us on this trip and discover new business opportunities?

This trip aims to
- visit the actual sites of the projects to see them with your own eyes.
- to do research on the ground in different business area’s
- to meet Rwandan and Dutch stakeholders, such as local government and other partners.
- to meet and create new business partners.
- to network with the other partners in the project

The ingredients of the program of the infrastructural mission in Rwanda

  • Fieldtrips: We will visit all locations where SolomonsHiddenTreasures will arise
  • Meeting with Rwandese government authorities
  • Meeting with the Dutch Embassy
  • Meeting with partners and stakeholders from leisure and tourism industry
  • Meeting with companies, both Rwandese and already established Dutch companies
  • Networking reception/ matchmaking
  • Press moment
  • Note: We will travel some days through the country from one location to another.

Join us on our exploration / trade mission to Rwanda, one of the hidden gems of Africa.
GreenDreamCompany recognises the potential of Rwanda and the needs of its growing middle class. In line with the national agenda to further develop infrastructure for tourism and leisure, GreenDreamCompany – together with a group of partners – has developed ‘Solomons Hidden Treasures Rwanda’.

Solomon's Hidden Treasures Rwanda, aims to develop sustainable projects serving the upper middle class in Rwanda as well as international tourists.


Solomons Hidden Treasures Rwanda
In Rwanda we aim to create a complete tourism infrastructure:
  • one family village with a Cultural Experience Park near the capital
  • three family villages with exotic harbors near Lake Kivu
  • one family village connected to Akagera National park

All locations are of great historical value and are connected to the corporate story of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures. The USP’s of this brand are the connectedness of the destinations by a tourism infrastructure and (organized) transport, that will contribute to a eventful and comfortable journey for visitors.

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures, on the locations mentioned above, are 'Worlds' where Royal architectural design, modern techniques, history and local integrations meet. Entering the World of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures, the guests step into a beautiful World where all elements of happiness are connected in a harmonious respectful and save way: a carefully selected area, beautiful nature, amazing culture, excellent hospitality, wholesome food, great well being, challenging discovery and high standard entertainment.


Interested in joining us?
Visit the website www.solomonshiddentreasures.com and contact us

Boschstraat 51
5301AB Zaltbommel

The Netherlands

E                 info@greendreamcompany.com
W                www.greendreamcompany.com
T                 00 31 418 517435

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