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Newsletter december 2011

Newsletter december 2011


Nieuwsletter december 2011

Wishing you all the best for 2012.




The development of value chains
For successful area development good sustainable value chains and supply chains are a key factor.
With local cooperation and integration you can create value chains resulting in a strong economical boost. This contributes to creation of local wealth and employment, thus creating an economical growth in that area.
In our vision, sustainable area development can only take place if all the chains in the value chain benefit.

What do we mean exactly?
Working together on innovation and knowledge creates positive and sustainable development in a region. Together you can create successful value chains.

Want to know more? Continue reading on our website >>>


Ijzeren Man Vught Our vision on area development
There is a bit of panic in the Dutch village of Vught about the recreational area "The Iron Man". The current accommodation does not meet the expectations of the people visiting the area. On top of that it is costing the counsel of Vught, as owner of the property, a lot of money.

So how to continue?
Finding a new tenant, in our perspective, can only be a part of the solution.
A sustainable area development project would be much better!

This area is a crossroad of nature and culture. You will find many bike, hike and horse trails connecting recreational area with more nature a stone throw away. You can find organic farmers and some large camping sites nearby.

Also the history of this place is very interesting. It was the site of the last battle of knights in Europe (1600) and during the French period extensive fortifications were made. During the 2nd World War this area had a concentration camp. There is more recent post war history to discover with the Maluku community from Indonesia.

A wider, more sustainable area development will create more opportunities for an economical exploitation of the buildings and give right to all the initiatives in this area.
Eventually all inhabitants of Vught will benefit.

Would you like GreenDreamCompany to help you develop cultural or natural heritage?
GreenDreamCompany has a unique Quickscan method that reveals the potential of an area or buildings in that area.

Contact us for more information.>>>


Visit of the ambassador of Ethiopia
On Monday December 5th His Excellency Mr. Kassu Yilala ambassador to the Benelux and the E.U. visited GreenDreamCompany.
Goal of his visit was the promotion of Ethiopia as a modern state, with a flourishing economy and full of opportunities for local and international businesses.

GreenDreamCompany showed the ambassador the progress we made in several area development projects in Ethiopia such as the Gorgora Nova Rock Resort.

Find out more about Gorgora Nova Rock Resort:
Check out our Facebook page with the latest developments >>>


Together-4-Better Expedition
Together-4-Better Expeditions are GreenDreamCompany's concept for capacity building and personal growth. We connect European professionals to African entrepreneurs and offer a unique experience for everybody to learn and benefit.
At this moment we offer different individual and group expeditions.

Check out our website and see what group expedities will leave soon >>>>
Read what availabe business cases we have for individual expedities >>>>>


Meet the people from GreenDreamCompany
On monday 23 th january and february 22th we organise our Inspirational Events for people interested in our expeditions such as our group expedition Ubuntu&Leadership to South Africa and Woman Professionals and entrepreneurship to Ethiopia

Follow this link to our website to read more about these events and subscribe >>>>>

About GreenDreamCompany
With passion and great enthusiasm GreenDreamCompany works on area development in both Europe and Africa by connecting economical, cultural and ecological elements.
How do we do this?
1) by developing sustainable touristic projects on Historical and Ecological crossroads
2) by developing and executing programs aimed at capacity building in the (human) supply chain.
We believe that sustainable area development can only be successful if all of partners in the value chain can benefit.

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GreenDreamCompany |  Boschstraat 51 | 5301 AB Zaltbommel | The Netherlands

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