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Gorgora Eco Village
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Gorgora Eco Village

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Being situated at the north side of Ethiopia’s biggest lake: Lake Tana, Ethiopia, Gorgora served as one of the early capitals of Ethiopia during the reigns of Emperor Susenyos I and his son Fasilides. Together with private sector, the local authorities have the idea to create a better future for the inhabitants by introducing sustainable tourism.





Gorgora’s proximity to Ethiopia’s known natural, wildlife, and historical attractions together with Lake Tana would definitely make the city the best place for a typical tourist.


Lake Tana has 37 islands, twenty of which have 16th and 17th century churches and monasteries. Inhabitants of Gorgora district are poor, mainly depending on agriculture and fishing.


Tourism area development can make a change.




  • Client: Private sector & local authority (Kebele)
  • Location: Gorgora, Lake Tana, Ethiopia
  • Size: Hilly coastline, Kebele district and lagoon
  • Status: Finished
  • Scope of services: Masterplan for tourism destination development




  • Social: improvement of livelihood, education of young people, gender equality, security
  • Economical: Job creation, direct and indirect for skilled and unskilled people
  • Environmental: ecology, contribute instead of compensate, politics, anthropology
  • Pleasure: fun, inspiration, feel good, proud


For further information and actual news follow our Facebook page Gorgora Nova Rock Resort or contact us: + 31 418 517435 or info@greendreamcompany.com


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