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Fortress Benoorden Spaarndam
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Fortress Benoorden Spaarndam

A city wall of water



Fortress Benoorden Spaarndam is one of 46 fortresses of the Stelling van Amsterdam. Being build in the  period 1882-1903: in ancient times developed to protect the city of Amsterdam and it’s inhabitants, from the enemy. The fortress of the Stelling are in bad shape, in need for a new future. The client has pointed this fortress to include a visitors centre of the total Stelling of Amsterdam (museum)within the new leisure and tourism concept. GreenDreamCompany was asked to develop a fortress- experience.





GreenDreamCompany developed the project Ecologisch Fort Benoorden Spaarndam as a total experience. It is an extension of the vision of Recreatieschap and Provincie Noord-Holland, in order to arrive at a new recreation node. In fact, the presented project is a recreation crossing point on itself.

The project-concept includes a number of connected and cooperative leisure and hospitality companies that are complementary to each other:
The Visitor Centre (indoor and outdoor) is very much of influence on the concept. The concept contains a Grand café and Fortress Shop, a Fort Restaurant with conference facilities, a care farm, guesthouses, Spa & Wellness Centre, Gallery & Art Ammunition forest and a nature inundation recreation centre.

The status of the Fortress as cultural heritage and its position in the landscape compared to city and sea is the 'key to success' for this location! It is the ideal place for the realization of a tourist attractive area, provided that future visitors flows are regulated very closely. Such regulation is achieved by choosing a re-use which brings about only limited traffic movements.


  • Client: Province North Holland, Recreatieschap North Holland
  • Location: Spaarnwoude
  • Size: Fortress, Inundation area, Ammunition forest, dikes, moats, total 20 Hectares
  • Status: Concept of Fortress experience development finished
  • Scope of service: inclusive concept development, business plan, investment budgets, financial strategy, masterplan development, detailed architectural designs, historical survey




  • Social: meaningful , education, integrating disabled  people, diversity, integrating volunteer projects
  • Economical: 300 jobs, direct and indirect for skilled and unskilled people
  • Environmental: ecology, contribute instead of compensate, politics, anthropology
  • Pleasure: fun, inspiration, learning by experience





GreenDreamCompany has chosen for both, quality and creativity. Offering an experience on top level a guest never forgets. An integrated approach based on the historical stories and adventures related to the fortress and it’s inhabitants.

Click here to read more about this concept plan (in Dutch).

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