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Solomon's World
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Solomon's World

Not just a Brand ...




Solomon’s World is the brand name of Cultural Experience Parks. A brand development around history, highlights of the present and admirations of the future. GreenDreamCompany has the knowledge and experience to create concepts for theme parks 2.0.





Solomon’s World is a brand development as specially build for theme parks who want to combine entertainment an pleasure with education, cultural awareness and sustainability. A brand that also sets new standards within the leisure and entertainment sector by its added values.


With a good eye for historical and anthropological details, GreenDreamCompany developed the concept for this theme park brand. The brand development strategy included not only brand, project and attraction development, but also to integrate and implement sustainable techniques and strategies. Unique within the sector.


Solomon’s World offers developing countries not only the possibility to present itself to the world by a showcase of the country translated within high standards attractions. It also offers leisure, entertainment, pleasure for the own rising middleclass.




  • Location: Nearby capital cities of developing countries, upcoming markets, crossing border parks.
  • Size: at least 45 Hectares
  • Status: First one in development with a focus on the Great Lake District, East Africa, Rwanda. Open for more countries. Ask us.
  • Scope of service: Turn key project. From concept, location scouting , history survey, selection of attractions, the development, organisation of construction to management of operations



  • Social: meaningful , education, pleasure, security, connecting cultures
  • Economical: 1500 jobs, direct and indirect for skilled and unskilled people
  • Environmental: ecology, contribute instead of compensate, politics, anthropology
  • Pleasure: fun, inspiration, feel good, proud
  • Feasible: good financial return on investment
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