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National Park Hoge Kempen - Belgium
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National Park Hoge Kempen - Belgium


The economical contribution of ecology and history




Where 26 years ago a colliery was running at full speed, now the rarest butterflies flutter. Viewed from an economic perspective National Park Hoge Kempen is an very interesting green infrastructure which must be maintained carefully. Part of the money for maintenance comes from government, but alternatives that generates a structural income flow for the park are more than welcome. In that case GreenDreamCompany was asked to do survey on new tourism destinations for the typical cultural heritage buildings, related to the colliery-history, within the National Park.

How to re-use heritage buildings




Within the new economy ’rights and obligations ’ are very interesting. Within the park and within a zone of 10 km the future of nature development, recreation and living is connected by shared values. The right and obligation of living, at a border of a park, the right of exploitation of hotels and leisure, connected to the park brings new social, sustainable and economic value that can be capitalized and be used as structural income for maintenance of  the National Park: "I exist because of we" as a principle.


  • Client: National Park Hoge Kempen, Regional Landschap Kempen en Maasland
  • Location: National Park Hoge Kempen, Belgium
  • Size: The Park is situated in the province of Limburg, 5700 ha of forests  and moorlands.
  • Status: Finished
  • Scope of services: location scouting, situation analyses, trend analyses, market analyses, proposals of revitalisation and re-use of cultural heritage buildings with leisure, hospitality and tourism destinations, community possibilities


This is what mr. Johan Van Den Bosch, Projectleader Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen has said about this assignment:


"What has struck us most in the cooperation with GreenDreamCompany is the personal and dedicated approach, together with a very strong and clear methodology. This has given us clear and fast answers to our complex questions."

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