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Tourism Destination Development
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Tourism Destination Development


At GreenDreamCompany, we develop world class tourism destinations in emerging markets in Africa. We do this by building high quality holiday resorts. Each and every one of these resorts is set in a naturally and culturally stunning location.


Tourism destination development gives an area a new economic heart; in our view one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty. We create jobs for men and women and give a boost to local economic activity during the building of the resort. In its operations, we include the entire surrounding area; think of buying from local suppliers and improving the living conditions of our staff and their families.


Furthermore: tourism allows for people and cultures to get to know each other and it can give a country or destination an attractive image.


We will call our tourism destinations: ‘Solomon’s Hidden Treasures’. You will find them along the ancient, adventurous routes that King Solomon once travelled in Africa.


Storytelling, design and sustainability

Every location in our chain of 'Solomon's Hidden Treasures' has a story longing to be told. We want to tell these stories. The landscape and cultural heritage of the area plays a leading role. What are the stories of the past? How are they still alive today? Design, architecture and building materials will be part of the story.


We want the architectural designs to suit the local cultural standards: appreciated by the local community and attractive to guests and visitors. In our designs, we apply the concepts of environmental design and a sustainable way of building in terms of energy, water and waste management. In this way we aim to minimize the ecological footprint.


We let ourselves be guided by the 5 P’s of  People, Planet, Profit, Pleasure and Passion


Why Africa? Follow the link.

Want to know more about our work? Please contact us:

+ 31 418 517435 or info@greendreamcompany.com

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