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Welcome Letter

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By Leontine van Hooft


I have the most exciting job in the world, as you can imagine. I get to use my creativity, my professional knowledge, my life long experience and I’m able to combine it with a challenge and great purpose in life.  And that has been different earlier in my life.


You know, I learned there are two different ways to look at the work you do:


The first way is to look at it as a way to simply earn a living. A necessary evil, that takes time and energy for as many hours as you are paid to do. In fact you sell your hands, intelligence and soul for 8 hours to the job and company you work at. Your leisure time is the free time you do not spend at work, but with your family, friends and free time activities. You can have a good life.

The second way is to make your work very interesting, rewarding and contributing to something great. At GreenDreamCompany we have obviously chosen for this second way.


You can also look at two different ways to achieve happiness, I learned:


The first way is to aim straight for the things you love, without considering others but yourselves. You are in the centre of the universe. You can have a good life.


The second way is to realize that life is not about isolation. You do not live on this planet alone. Your life is connected to the life of others. Your humanity is mixed up with other human beings. This implicates that happiness can only be reached in relation to the happiness of others. If you realise that, it implicates a certain morality and integrity. At GreenDreamCompany we have obviously chosen for this second way.

Let me be more specific


The importance of our work, the impact of creating leisure and tourism infrastructure within upcoming markets, or developing countries as you might prefer to call them, is big and of high value. It’s good to realize that every day. To look in the mirror in the morning and say: What is my contribution today’?

You see, the work is a permanent challenge to influence the image of a developing country for the better. To help it change into a good one. There are others who contribute to wellbeing by showing the glass that is half empty. At GreenDreamCompany we contribute by strengthening the glass half full. Tourism is often the window to the world. By opening the window, other sectors will be expanding also. So why not support and open it?

You see, when a foreign company, big or small, invests in an upcoming market, well planned and well managed, it means an enormous contribution to the labour market, to the tax system, export and the development of knowledge.

We, at GreenDreamCompany, realise ourselves that when we do it well, we can influence investors in looking at more values in return on investments than only money, and at the same time earn a good living of our own. And of course we are lucky, our projects are sexy to invest in, they are attractive. As an investor you have really something to show on your cell phone on a birthday party or to visit with your family or board.

Our work influences the feeling of proudness of the local people and brings them economic prosperity because it creates a lot of direct and indirect jobs. And one job in a developing country contributes to a big family. We, at GreenDreamCompany, consider it an honour to be part of these times of change, by bringing our business and sharing our knowledge. And of course the travelling to the exciting continent of Africa is not so bad either. Not even for a job. Not a bit.


We know our inclusive projects will be imitated; colleagues within the sector will take over our well educated local staff. It will happen. Therefore we have to aim for the best standard for top middle class resorts and hospitality a guest can imagine. Not because we are afraid of competition or because we are arrogant and think we are the best in town.  No, just because it will help developing countries to get a good tourism infrastructure. So we have to invest in education, in training a lot of people constantly to do the job. They will spread their knowledge and experience within the sector. And by offering good labour conditions, we will influence the market also. So in the end our success will be theirs and their success will be ours. So quality for impact. And of course we hope a lot of people will stay with us.


GreenDreamCompany is expanding carefully as always.  It flows on the waves of limitations, possibilities and challenges. Not because it’s our goal to become a giant. It’s more that we need a careful growth, to be sure the high quality and the inclusive concept will expand and be kept alive. So we have to manage our growth and our concept. Managing it carefully implies also that we very much depend on the quality, talents, skills and involvement of our people and our DreamTeams. The complete artistic level of designs, the amazing story lines we translate into Family Villages and Cultural Experience Parks are never the result of one person. This also counts for things that fail, by the way.


At GreenDreamCompany we believe diversity is our biggest power and reason for success. Expertise and diversity, people being able to co-create that is what we need. It needs a diversity of talent, skills and experience. What counts is what people are good at and the willingness to learn and improve. That makes us able to solve lesser things. Nobody’s perfect. We also appreciate humour and a sense of relativism by the way.


We think in "Brands". The up scaling effect of it, creating little worlds that are all connected. And of course, explaining your dream and business concept is not enough to protect it. It needs a legal structure to guide and monitor the concept, including the humanity of it. To be able to say to your partners and even our own people:


This is it.

This is why this Brand is born.

Manage it in conformity with the birth certificate.

Raise the child properly. Be the mom, the father, the sister and the uncle.

Guide and protect it. Give it self confidence. Let it become an example that shows that great business and humanity can be equal partners.

And please, let’s raise a lot of kids together.


Being straight on that will not only bring the right staff. This is what will attract the right investors and finally also the right guests. The circle must always be completed, is my experience.

The happiness of our people is something we create together. By having meaningful and exciting work, a social consciousness, openness and a lot of shared moments. I hope we will never become a company of strangers, no sole, no connectedness. Let us strive together for the opposite.


Quality of work, the focus on upcoming markets, the standard, the way we want to achieve the standard and good human relationships are at the base of GreenDreamCompany. Generosity and welfare costs a lot of money and money is not the only target of the company. But everybody wants a good salary also, including me. On one hand it has to be earned by everyone involved.  Everybody has to realise that. No exceptions. So we ask a strong commitment. On the other hand money spent on generosity and welfares are wisely spent aims in the long term. It will strengthen relations, create ambassadors for life, long after people have left the company.


Of course we have to be flexible in methods we use and paths we walk. Sometimes circumstances ask for it. Sometimes it deserves another approach, acceptation of mistakes and sometimes it’s even better to let go. But let it be guided by our moral compass.

But we must not be flexible in our finally aim: Creating life changes experiences, personal growth and happiness for all.


Not so bad to be part of, is it?


Leontine van Hooft

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