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 CSR Policy & Code of Conduct
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CSR Policy & Code of Conduct


Our way of working is based on the Ubuntu philosophy, summarized as ‘I exist because of we’. We have a tribal organizational structure, in which values of respect, fairness and equality are of high importance. With storytelling as a tool to connect people and staff and create connection by being part of the story.  We strongly strive to create an environment where people feel free to speak out, make suggestions and raise concerns. As an inclusive tourism company we have a strong commitment to treat our employees, customers, contractors and those who come into contact with us as our family.


We have a formal Code of Conduct, based on the Ubuntu philosophy.


Health and Safety

Working with the Ubuntu philosophy creates a social safety net for our customers and employees. It enables a healthy working environment for our employees, the community we operate in and our customers.


Gender Policy and Non-discrimination

We strive to treat every employee as an independent person. We prohibit any discrimination based on race, colour, sex, religion, age or other factors.


Child labour

We are a family oriented company and love to see children play. So we are strictly against child labour, as it can harm the physical, mental, social and/or psychological development of children. We will secure that no child below the age of 14 will be employed by us. In other cases, if necessary, we will secure that labour does not intervene with education possibilities and other relevant aspects of teenage development into adulthood.



Within our vision, ‘sustainability’ comprises the elements of environmental, financial and social sustainability.


Environmental sustainability

“The landscape is leading”, one of the main elements in our destination development process. We want the architectural designs to suit the local cultural standards: appreciated by the local community and attractive to our client group *). In our designs, we apply the concepts of environmental design and a sustainable way of building in terms of energy, water and waste management. Another element involves integrating the use of local supply chains. We make use of local entrepreneurship and expertise. In this way we aim to minimize the ecological footprint.


Financial sustainability

Our aim is to create a new economic heart in a region; in our view one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty. This means creating employment, partnering with schools and universities and contributing to better supply-chains. We believe that more and more investors share our vision: investing money should lead to creating value. Financially, because we will reach attractive and long-term financial returns, but also socio-economically and with a critical eye to preserving the environment.


Social sustainability

Besides financial return on investments, we are investing in social returns by integrating local populations in the supply and value chain of our resorts. By doing so, GreenDreamCompany will provide rural men and women with a guaranteed income. This allows them to reinvest in their families and the community.



*) Investors, Franchisees, Tourists, Expats, Diaspora, Hotel Owners and Local Governments

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